Getting Started With LeadSanity

So you have signed up with LeadSanity. What now? Well, this article will help you get started and much more.

1. Picking a template.

Let’s start by asking a simple question: Why do you need a landing page? You may need one to promote a digital product. Or you may want to get people to sign up for your seminar. Or, perhaps, you just want to build a quick lead capture page and get people to sign up for your newsletter by offering a free e-book. Whatever the reason, let’s get right into it by building our first page. In your admin area you will see this button. Click on it.

In the window that pop up, you should try to filter page template by what it is that you need a landing page for. For example, you’re looking to build a squeeze page. Select “Squeeze Pages” in the dropdown shown below to only show squeeze page templates:

Or you can simply type the keyword of whatever you are looking to build. For instance – “webinar” and click GO. You can also create a brand new page from a complete scratch by clicking the button you see below:


2. Making changes.

Once you have made your template choice, it’s time to make necessary changes to it so you can make the page do what you want it to do. The drag-and-drop builder makes it astonishingly easy to customize your landing pages in any way you want. Let’s start with some basic stuff. Watch the video below to see how to make simple textual changes on your new page:

See how easy it is?

Let’s now up the ante just a little bit by adding a background image to our new page. Check out the video below to see how to do it in seconds:

Here is a great free site for you to grab background images from. They have some truly stunning images to use as background and the best part is they are free.

Now let’s say I want to change my opt-in form because I don’t like the default one that the page comes with. Check out how quickly I can do that:

Just like that…

There is a dizzying array of things I can show you how to do with this builder. Some of it will take trial and error on your part, but hey, you are an Internet entrepreneur, which means you are a hard worker and you don’t give up. Plus, don’t forget that you can always just ask me how to do certain things and if there is a way to get it done, I will always help you.

Let me show you one last thing in this section before we move on. Let’s add a logo to our page to class it up a little bit, what do you think huh?.. I will assume you already have a logo ready to upload, but if you don’t, here is a logo maker site you might like. Yes, you will have to sign up to make logos, but you can make small logos without having to pay. Anyway, here is a video on how to add a logo to your page:

3. Capturing Leads.

Let’s now turn to the all important subject of capturing leads. I would like to show you first how to capture leads into a third-party mass mailing platform. For that we will be using MailChimp. Even though the instructions below will seems very specific to MailChimp, the general premise of it remains the same across just about every other platform including, but not limited to, AWeber, GetResponse, iContact, ActiveCampaing, Drip, etc. With that said, let’s watch how to capture leads from you LeadSanity forms into MailChimp:

Again, almost all mass mailers give you the ability to generate a form code for any specific list. Once you have that code, creating an integration inside LeadSanity is a piece of cake.

Capturing leads is such an importnat capability for most people, that I will go ahead and show you another video. This time we’re going to take a look at how easy it is to send leads¬† into your AWeber account. Again, the premise is simple – get a form code and paste it into LeadSanity. So here we go:

Now that was easy!! There is, however, another option for capturing leads for LeadSanity users. Let’s assume for a second that you do not have a third-party mailing platform like MailChimp or iContact. Let’s say you simply want to send every captured lead to your email address. LeadSanity lets you seamlessly accomplish that. You can capture leads into your admin area and later export them into an excel spreadsheet. You can also have those leads emailed to yourself in real time as they are being generated. Pretty cool huh.

I do have to say one thing though – to integrate your forms with third party mailers, you don’t need a paid LeadSanity subscription. However, to store leads in your own admin area and/or email them to yourself, you do have to upgrade your LeadSanity subscription to a paid version. Our Guru plan lets you capture leads from your forms into your admin area and export them at any moment. Our Hero plan lets your do all that AND also email those leads to your email address in real time. Anyway, let’s watch how to do that. Disclaimer: the account used in this instructional video is a Hero account:

And that’s all there is to capturing leads. Leave questions or comments in the comments section below.

4. Hosting pages on your own domain.

I know many of our users have their own sites and simply need our landing pages to be hosted on their own domains. Once again great news – LeadSanity allows you to do that with ease. And yet again I have to issue a disclaimer: to host pages on your own website, you need to be on at least our Guru plan. It’s only $9.95 so I’m sure it’s not going to break the bank. Anyway, here is how to host landing pages built with LeadSanity on your own domain:

If you would like to simply read an article on how to host your landing pages on your own WordPress site, here it is: Hosting Landing Pages on Your Own WordPress Site

And with this, I’m going to conclude this relatively short tutorial on how to get started with LeadSanity. I could no doubt write a book if I wanted to cover everything you can do in LeadSanity, but I really hope this short tutorial will get you started the right way. Once again, if you have any questions, just leave them in the comments section or simply shoot an email to our support department via your admin panel.


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