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Well, once again you’re contemplating a LeadPages alternative. I don’t blame you. It’s expensive, very user-unfriendly, poorly supported and slow. I used LeadPages for 9 months before I simply threw up my hands in exasperation. My main pain points were, 1 – they have one of the most confusing interfaces I have dealt with and 2 – I could never get any kind of timely support when I needed it. Their support is typically very slow and almost never on point. Most times they answer the wrong question and frustrate you even more. Also, they limit the number of visitors you can send to your pages per month. Which was a total deal-breaker for me.

Why is LeadPages so confusing?

Well, for starters, they have two page editors. The standard editor is their original and main editor. This particular editor does not offer a lot of options and is quite limiting. They recently rolled out a new, drag-and-drop editor. But only some of the templates work with the new editor, while most have to use the original editor. I will admit that the original editor is fairly easy to use, but it’s just too constrained in its power.

One would think that the new drag-and-drop editor will offer much needed flexibility. And indeed it does, but at what expense? Yes, you can add and move elements. It has some more customization options. But it’s just too buggy. It’s a real pain to use, to be honest. It is wholly user-unfriendly and non-intuitive. As far as I am concerned, it will take LeadPages years to get all the bugs out and streamline the editor to where it is easy to use.

I can go for hours on what frustrates me about their product and why we all need a LeadPages alternative. If you really want to dive into an exhaustive, piece-by-piece review and break down of  LeadPages, this is a post to read.

Is there is a LeadPages alternative?

So let’s get to why you are really here. Is there an alternative to LeadPages that you suites you? There is no shortage of page builder and you most certainly can find something different, but you need to ask yourself a few important questions before you embark on that journey. One, do you really need the massive and bewildering array of features that LeadPages offers? If you don’t, then keep reading. Two, how important is quick, on-point support to you? This one is easy.

What if I told you that not only is there an adequate LeadPages alternative, but it’s also free. LeadSanity has everything you need to build and publish pages minus the dizzying complexity offered by just about every other page builder. It has three pricing packages: FREE, $9.95/mo and $19.95/mo. The paid options give you unlimited pages and unlimited traffic. It is everything you need to build simple lead-capture pages.

One of the best things about LeadSanity is its ability to collect and store captured leads for you. You can export your leads any time for any date range. It also allows you to email your captured leads to you in real time. Check out this screenshot to get an idea:

LeadPages alternative view captured leads

You can also reject duplicates, automatically determine subscribers’ country by IP address and redirect them to any Thank You page of your choosing after sign up.

Lead Capture Controls

What about support?

Let me simply show you a few email screenshots taken from support issue exchanges with LeadSanity’s customers. I will let these do the talking.

Amazing support

How about this one?

impressive support

Here is another one:

LeadSanity has great support

Just one more…

Best Support Ever

There are probably about 30 that I could show here, but it would take a long time.

Simplicity trumps everything.

Creating a landing page does not have to be as arduous as LeadPages makes it. Check out this short video showing how to create a landing page in seconds in LeadSanity.

Given LeadSanity’s fabulous support and simplicity, there is no better LeadPages alternative for my money. And if you choose to sign up, LeadSanity offers a great Getting Started Guide to get you on your way in minutes.

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