Clickfunnels Alternative – Here is a much cheaper solution with much better support

If you are reading this article, chances are you are looking for a ClickFunnels Alternative to build your landing pages. Whatever your reasons might be for doing that, trust me, I hear you. I have used ClickFunnels for over a year and can recall nothing but frustration with their buggy system and terrible support. Yes, you can build some nice-looking pages, but that can be accomplished with just about any other page builder. For a very exhaustive review of ClickFunnels, check out this post.

Here is something I have learned over a long course of building and marketing landing and squeeze pages: you only need a small set of features for most of your pages. Assuming your page looks nice and not like it was built back in the 90s, copy is what does the selling for you. Which makes most of the bells and whistles builders like ClickFunnels offer completely useless. It’s nice to show them off, but ultimately most users end up not needing them and they only clutter up the interface which makes it that much more difficult to use.

So here is my overview of ClickFunnels – It is an over-complicated, way-overpriced, over-hyped, poorly maintained and horrendously supported landing page builder that you should replace the first opportunity you get.

Why is ClickFunnels overpriced?

There are several reasons. One is they are very aggressively marketed and, as a marketer yourself, you are painfully aware of how expensive it is to drive traffic to your site/page. Another reason is their flawed commission structure. They pay affiliates, people that refer them customers, 40% of their referrals’ monthly dues for the LIFETIME of the referral. That’s an insane commission. Imagine having to pay somebody 40% of everything your customers pay you… I would overprice my service too. And yet another reason they might be overpriced is sheer greed, because, as far as I am concerned, $97 per month for a builder of ANY kind is too much. Even with that ill-advised commission of theirs.

I can go on forever about what annoys me about CF, and I by no means am trying to turn this into a rant, but let me just say this one thing before I get to an alternative solution. CF limits the number of visitors per month you can send to your landing pages. That’s right, their $97/m packages only lets you send 20k visitors per month to ALL your pages combined. Check it out Of course, you can lift all those limits by going with their $297/m plan. What? I have to pay 300 bucks a month to get unlimited visitors? That’s over $3500 per year! Are they insane?! You should be able to get a page builder and a massage every month for that.

Is there a cheaper ClickFunnels alternative?

In fact there is. A LOT cheaper. Even free. LeadSanity gives you an awesome, simple-to-use page builder with packages priced at: FREE, $9.95/m and $19.95/m. And guess what, the paid ones give you unlimited pages and unlimited traffic. No razzle dazzle, no unnecessary features – only the essentials that about 90% of people need. I will show you a video below on how to build a simple page in minutes. Since it has a free account, you don’t even have to use a credit card to test drive it. Check it out at LeadSanity. Have a look at the features listed on the site. It’s very straightforward to put together beautiful pages and capture leads. You can capture your leads right into your back office and then export them from there. Here is a quick sneak peak of the interface:

ClickFunnels Alternative - View Your Lists

Or you can integrate your opt-in forms with just about any mass mailer. LeadSanity has the option of rejecting duplicate leads that sign up on your squeeze pages. What other page builder does that?! Check out the interface for how to reject duplicate leads. Look how easy it is:

ClickFunnels Alternative - reject duplicate leads


Just $9.95 a month gets you unlimited landing pages, which is not a given with most page builder. Unlimited visitors – again, most builders will limit your monthly visitors in some way. ClickFunnels does it. Yep, you only get 20,000 visitors per month with them for $97/m. At LeadSanity you get 100 templates ($19.95 gives your 160 templates) from all kinds of different niches like squeeze pages, thank you pages, webinar registrations, countdowns, etc.. 24/7 support. Where in the world can you get that for 10 bucks a month?

The $19.95 packages gives you real-time chat support right in your back office. You get real-time analytics. You get a ton of pre-made graphics to use on your pages like checkout buttons, buy now banners, credit card images, emphasis graphics etc.. You can, of course, upload your own images, resize them etc. You can export your page code so it can be hosted on any server you want. You can build your pages with LeadSanity and host them on your domain. You get a 14-day money-back guarantee, so if you are unhappy with the service you can get your money back in a jiffy. Or you can simply sign up for a FREE account and test drive it that way.

Support is incredibly responsive and the $19.95 plan even has a real-time chat support in your admin area! And all that is for $240 per year on the most expensive plan. How is that for a ClickFunnels alternative? Think about it – $240 vs. $3500 per year for essentially the same features.

By the way, I am not kidding about LeadSanity’s support. They WILL answer your questions quickly. And by “quickly” I mean within a few hours. Check out their page on TrustPilot.

Check out LeadSanity’s FAQ section for a little more info.

Or contact LeadSanity with any questions you might have.

Why I do not recommend DYI solutions.

“Why should I use LeadSanity or any third-party page builder when I can install WordPress and get a page builder plugin and use it for free?”. That is a great question and if you’re asking it in some form, I salute you. If you are a web developer and have some time on your hands, you got me. You are probably better off doing it yourself. But let me tell you why I think it’s a bad idea for just about everybody else out there. First of all, in order to run your own WordPress, you need a web hosting account. “But I can get one for like $5 a month”, you might saying. You are right, you can. But here is what those web hosting companies will not tell you: a $5/m service will probably be slightly faster than a glacier, which means your pages will load slow, you will have hard time modifying stuff on the server etc. etc.. Remember, you need your pages to load super fast because that traffic you send to them is expensive.

Another problem is you will have to mess with plugins, themes, extensions, the functions.php file and myriad other technical stuff. Don’t believe what those gurus are telling you, it’s NOT easy! There is no support tickets to submit, nobody to chat with, you are on your own! In all likelihood, you will end up hiring somebody to help you out, which will end up costing many multiples of what it would cost to simply pay 10 bucks a month. Are you prepared to spend days trying to figure out why your WordPress is showing an error when you try to upload a file? Are you sure your time as a marketer is best spent doing that versus creating and promoting your content? I’m sensing the answer is no.

And now, as promised, here is a short video of LeadSanity’s builder.

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